Brother DTG Printers

Direct to Garment Brother Direct to Garment

Take your business into new markets and tap into new revenue streams with Brother Direct-to-Garment Printers. The print quality is outstanding, the large print head gap lets you print much more than tees. Zippers, Pockets, and Seams are no match for the GTX. With several package configurations to choose from, convenient financing packages, and a reputation for reliability in manufacturing DTG printers since 2005, Brother makes it easy to position your business for the future.

Brother GTX Pro

5th generation DTG printer from Brother.


Brother GTX Pro B

Save ink, save time with the Advanced Ink System. Engineered specifically for high-volume print shops that run multiple shifts, the GTXpro B features an intelligent ink system that keeps large volumes of ink in a constant state of readiness.

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