Our specialty machines break the boundaries of traditional embroidery machines.

Brother BAS-342 (Industrial Sewing Machine)

Brother Electronic Controlled Programmable Sewing Machine with Vision Camera System. Gain a competitive advantage in your marketplace by utilizing the Vision Sewing System's innovative software to automatically sew patches, emblems and other items to uniforms, athletic apparel, home décor and more — faster and more easily that you ever thought possible. 



Coloreel is a Swedish technology innovation company within the textile industry that has developed the Coloreel technology, a ground-breaking innovation that enables high-quality coloring of textile thread on demand, opening amazing new design possibilities. Coloreel’s first product based on the technology is a thread coloring unit which is created to be used with industrial embroidery machines. In the future, the technology can also be used for sewing, knitting, weaving and more.


PAX (Perforation, Sewing, & Embroidery)

The Tajima PAX is able to sew, embroider and perforate leather, Alcantara and laminated hides. Also, in addition to the normal embroidery head, it is equipped with a special punching head to perforate the material put on the frame thanks to punches of a different diameter. Perforating, sewing and embroidery take place without ever moving the material from the worktop. This allows the user to reach unprecedented levels of precision.


TLMX (Heater Wire Series)

An innovative machine designed to apply heated wire technology to many materials and increase production with the many options available. Application examples include apparel, pipe wrap, electric blankets, heated car seats, steering wheels and much more.

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