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Retail Business

Customizable personalized garments is quick and easy with one of Pulse's retail software solutions, offering the customer a unique and personalized experience right within your retail store. Pulse software allows the customer to participate in nearly every aspect of the garment manufacturing process; from selecting a garment and creating a customized design, to embroidering or printing their personalized artwork.

Pulse Autograph

Embroidery Personalization ... Autograph is an easy and efficient software solution created by Pulse for embroidery personalization. Garments can be personalized in minutes using Autograph's wide selection of fonts, thread charts, templates and editing tools. Autograph is the perfect embroidery personalization solution for retail businesses.


GraffixPro Studio® (by Pulse)

Designed specifically for Brother Direct to Garment printers, this intuitive design and layout software enables you to create exciting, unique and personalized T-shirt designs in minutes. By using advanced features like Variable Data and color matching technology, you can turn a single design into a powerful personalization tool. Import names and numbers to generate hundreds of personalized designs automatically, freeing up your time to focus on additional sales. GraffixPro Studio® enables you to profit from small orders by providing professionally personalized products without putting in hours of effort!


PulseID Kiosk

PulseID Kiosk for Digital Print lets your customers skip years of graphic design training to quickly turn basic artwork into an artistic personalized design. PulseKiosk intuitively integrates image creation with personalized text to create a one-of-a-kind decorated garment, which can be sent directly to your digital printer. PulseID Kiosk simplifies the process from designing a garment through to the printing of the final product. The easy-to-use touch screen interface enables users to quickly create and view a personalized design by selecting from over 200 images and over 40 fonts. Additional images and fonts can be loaded into the system through the administrator window to allow for even more customization options, or your customers can import and personalize their own designs using an external hard drive. Once complete, the customer will see their design displayed exactly as it will be printed out. This is the last chance to make any changes before the shirt is printed. PulseID Kiosk will output the printing files with proper specifications for your printer of choice, so all you have to do is hit the print button!

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