2 Head Embroidery

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Faster production runs, more consistent stitching, higher design quality and reduced setup times makes Tajima commercial embroidery machines the most efficient and reliable embroidery equipment in the world today. Our TFMX-IIC and TMAR-KC two head embroidery machines offer a variety of configurations and attachments for the perfect embroidery machine.

TFMX-IISC 1502-500 (Type 2)

Savvy Entrepreneurs realize that the Tajima Type-2 TFMX-1502 two head commercial embroidery machine has twice the advantage of any single head embroidery machine. Think about it - twice the output, but not twice the price! That means more production out of a single embroidery machine, without any additional efforts.


TMAR-K1502C-500 (Type 2)

The ultimate model born from the Tajima technology evolution. The Tajima Cylinder Arm Type TMAR-KC Series is born. The embodiment of Tajima's technologies with high production efficiency, ultimate quality, overwhelming durability and performance.



TMEZ-KC Series of machines are available with 2,4,6, or 8 heads.

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