12+ Head Embroidery

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12+ Head Embroidery Machines

High volume jobs demand a high volume embroidery machine. Tajima has over 250 different models to appeal to any embroidery application. Only Tajima offers the variety of models, options and attachments to run your production shop with equipment tailored to your exact needs.


If you are doing high volume embroidery, the Tajima TMAR-VC (TMAR-V1512C) is a state-of-the-art multihead embroidery machine that delivers consistent, trouble-free sewing for maximum output. With its digitally controlled presser foot that adjusts for the thickness of the fabric being sewn, you are assured higher quality, less thread breaks, and overall smoother performance than you have ever experienced. The Tajima TMAR-VC (TMAR-V1512C) is the perfect machine for specialty fabrics and applications such as caps and three-dimensional foam.


TMCP Series

Invested with all the latest technology, the TMCP Series has brought both the high quality and cost reduction to reality.


TMCR Series

A step up from the TMCP Series, the TMCR Series has brought both high quality and cost reduction to reality, and added the same quality control guarantee for the most sophisticated garments and materials such as silk, leather, puff foam, and more. Innovative technologies like the digital presser foot (DCP) and fine stitch mode put high-end decorations in closer reach on a large scale.

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