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Hirsch - High Volume Direct to Garment

When your ready to mass produce

Hirsch has solutions for the biggest of shops too.

  • Brother GTX-ProB
  • Save ink, save time with the Advanced Ink System. Engineered specifically for high-volume print shops that run multiple shifts, the GTXpro B features an intelligent ink system that keeps large volumes of ink in a constant state of readiness.

  • Synergy + Firefly
  • Adelco Textile Dryers
  • Airflow is key for proper curing of garments and our full line of dryers matches the perfect curing solution regardless of your needs. For over 20 years, Adelco has been at the forefront of drying technology for the Screen and Digital Textile print trades and for Industrial and Commercial drying Systems. The Jet Force is World renowned and Adelco's top of the range, High Velcocity Hot Air conveyor drying system. Available in gas fired, electric or dual energy options, to ensure the most efficient and cost effective drying solution for each individual printer.

  • Digital Line

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