Tajima Embroidery Machines

It’s no wonder why 1 out of every 2 embroidery companies in the US is a Hirsch customer.

From Tajima single-head embroidery machines to Tajima multi-head embroidery machines, Tajima offers a full line of industrial embroidery equipment , chenille embroidery machines, and monogramming equipment for commercial and home based embroidery companies. Hirsch is proud to the be exclusive North American Distributor for Tajima Embroidery Machines.


At Your Side

Hirsch is proud to be a distributor partner of Brother Industrial Products. Brother International Corporation is committed to an 'At Your Side philosophy' with its customers, business partners and colleagues. Established in 1954, Brother International Corporation is a premier provider of home, home office, and business products, as well as industrial solutions that revolutionize the way we live and work.

Pulse Embroidery Software

Pulse software has all the tools you need to get your apparel business moving.

Since our partnership in 1990, we have been the exclusive U.S. distributor of the industry's leader in embroidery software, Pulse Microsystems. Through their cutting-edge programming, mathematics and embroidery expertise, Pulse Microsystems has offered many industry firsts, becoming an internationally recognized pioneer of technological innovations in both Embroidery Software and Production Automation.


World leaders in textile screen printing equipment and drying solutions.

Established in 1972, Adelco is a world-class manufacturer of Jet Air Conveyor Drying Systems and Oval Automatic Screen Printing Presses serving the International garment printing industry.


Increase product value and reduce application times with Seit Textile Lasers

As part of the Hirsch family of high quality embellishment equipment, Seit Electtronica has been a world leader in the development of textile laser technology for over 30 years. Seit has obtained multiple patents on their innovative cutting-edge processes. Seit works directly with Tajima and Pulse Microsystems in their development of laser technology, making it a true family of strategic partners.


One thread. Unlimited colors.

The innovative Coloreel technology enables high-quality coloring of textile thread on demand. The first product based on this revolutionary technology is a groundbreaking unit for industrial embroidery machines. By instantly coloring the thread during production, it enables unique designs and vastly improves overall production efficiency.

Dekken Textile Folding Machinery

The clever textile folding solution.

Dekken folding machinery creates the perfect solution for folding and stacking all kinds of apparel, like T-shirts, polo shirts, undershirts, tops, singlets, trousers, etc. Shirts can have short sleeves as well as long sleeves.

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