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The HIRSCH Frequently Asked Questions section is packed with machine and process questions as well as business planning and organization tips for the printing specialist. Check out some of the featured FAQ below.

Other than t-shirts, what else can Kornit print on?

In order to print on different clothing items, such as sleeves, hats, bags, scarves, pants etc. and in special sizes, Kornit has different sized pallets that will allow printing on these different shapes and sizes. Kornit has a large variety of pallets that allow printing on different substrates and on different locations on the media. The flexibility of our printers allows us to develop different pallets according to the market's needs.

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How do I estimate stitch count for a design?

If you are a user of Tajima DG By Pulse and have the autodigitizer tool, it makes for a great stitch count estimator. Otherwise, it is a combination of educated guesses and calculations. Figure roughly 1,000 stitches for every square inch of fill. 125 stitches per linear inch of satin stitching. 150 stitches per small to average size letter and then add a little for error. If there is detail on top of fill, add that too

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Is Kornit ink environmentally safe?

Kornit ink has a certificate from Oeko-Tex. This certificate means that they were tested for harmful substances and produced in an environmentally friendly and socially acceptable manner. Another precondition for this is, however, that the entire production chain – i.e. all production facilities involved in the manufacturing of a product – are certified as environmentally friendly according to Oeko-Tex Standards.

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What Are My Financing Options?

There are three basic methods for purchasing embroidery business equipment: cash purchase, bank loan, or equipment lease. This is an important decision because each method has different impacts on your cash flow and tax liabilities. For example, with a cash purchase or loan you will be able to depreciate your equipment at tax time, whereas with a lease, you typically can deduct the lease payments, but not depreciate the equipment.

Equipment Leasing has become very popular in recent years and the approval process is quick and simple

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