Brother DTG Accessories

Brother Direct to Garment Brother Brother Direct to Garment

We offer a complete selection of Heat Presses, Platens, Camera Alignment Systems and Pre-treat machines.

MAXX 2G+ Dual Pressure Heat Press

The MAXX 2G+ is a Dual Pressure Heat Press with a Twist. The revolutionary MAXX 2G+ offers a dual pressure setting that adjusts between light and firm pressure with a simple twist of the wrist.


The Cube Pretreatment Machine

For your Outside-the-box business, think inside the CUBE. The Cube is an advanced single nozzle pre-treatment machine designed by Printsystem.


Schulze Pretreat Maker IV

The Schulze PRETREATmaker IV is a high-end pretreatment machine for direct to garment printing. New improvements, it is now possible to pretreat textiles even better and more precise. Thanks to its open interface, the machine can now easily be integrated into an existing production system. With the available control scale* it is very easy to control the amount of applied pretreatment. Additional filters and automated cleaning functions help to maintain a steady pretreatment flux without nozzle failures.

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