Automatic Presses

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MHM has been manufacturing automatic machines since 1980 and has become a world leader in both innovative design and quality engineering. With more than 15,000 successful installations, our Screen Print product portfolio and the MHM brand has become synonymous with quality and innovation. MHM is recognized as the leading innovative manufacturer of textile screen printing machines worldwide, holding dozens of international patents including the latest development of the "single drive technology" a revolutionary index-drive system used for oval shaped printing presses.


The SA-Evo is the newest member of the MHM-family and your perfect choice when space is limited. The electric-driven indexer and the solid registration system makes it an ideal entry-level automatic. For user friendly operation the SA-Evo is equipped with the latest “m-touch pro” operating system with tablet interface.


Synchroprint X-Type Plus

The X-Type Plus is simply hard to beat! Our familiar, high quality printing heads are standard issue, making it instantly recognizable as a state of the art MHM machine. Intuitive features and compatibility with other MHM models, makes the X-Type Plus a truly versatile automatic press. The X-Type plus comes equipped with the latest m-touch pro operating system with an Android tablet interface for intuitive user friendly operation.


Synchroprint S-Type Xtreme

Engineered to withstand the most demanding print shops, the S-Type Xtreme has been designed for high-volume screen printers who need production speed, faster-setup times, and high registration accuracy along with an 18” x 22” printing area. All this combined with a machine cycle time of up to 1400 pieces per hour. Equipped with the Android tablet control panel and extremely low maintenance means the S-Type Xtreme sets an entirely new standard in affordable high-performance automatic textile printing.


iQ Oval

The iQ-Oval with its revolutionary intelligent drive system (iDS) is one of the fastest oval presses worldwide, representing a whole new level of performance, accuracy and reliability. With this drive system it is also one of the safest printing presses available on the market today. No safety barriers are required which gives the operator unrestricted access to the loading area.


Synchroprint 5000

It’s pretty tough to replace a world-renowned, ultra-high performance press with one that is even better, but that is just what MHM has done with the introduction of the Synchroprint 5000. The iconic Synchroprint 5000 offers the very best in technology, effciency and sophistication making it ”the ultimate choice” of screen printing professionals around the world.

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