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Great embroidery begins with great software!
Creating an embroidery design that runs flawlessly on the machine is easy if you have the right tools to create the design.
Pulse Embroidery Software has everything you need to create professional embroidery designs: Perfect lettering, the highest stitch quality in the industry, outline and stitch by stitch editing, vector based embroidery capabilities, world class support and exclusive webinar based training.

DG15 Product Overview - All Levels

Tajima DG15 by Pulse - Productivity On the Go!
Take your embroidery designs anywhere with Tajima DG15 by Pulse! All of the industry leading features and functionality you need to succeed are now accessible from your mobile device, changing the way you operate your business. Create, monitor and browse your designs from multiple devices through the all new PulseCloud service and Dropbox integration. Whether you design from a desktop computer or use the Variable Data WebApp on your tablet to create multiple designs with ease, you'll always be able to access your DG15 designs with the swipe of a finger.


Composer DG15

Advanced Lettering and Outline Editing Create customized embroidered text in any shape and style or convert TrueType® fonts to quality satin stitches for beautiful lettering. Add text to merged design files for unlimited design possibilities. Use Draw Fusion to convert vectors intelligently and interactively into exquisite embroidery.


Creator DG15

With the advanced lettering and outline editing features of Composer, plus professional design creation tools, Creator has everything a new embroiderer needs to be successful.


Illustrator Extreme DG15

Illustrator Extreme provides several digitizing approaches, from traditional to more advanced techniques, for creating premium embroidery. Special stitch effects and advanced features give you the tools you need to create beautiful embroidery.


Artist Plus DG15

Artist Plus uses advanced technology to guide you through design creation with precision, speed, and ease. Many decorative stitch effects are included to help you create more expressive embroidery with minimal effort.


Maestro Multimedia DG15

Maestro is the most sophisticated embroidery design package available today. Advanced VBE functions, automated productivity enhancing features, and specialty stitch effects provide the most powerful tools for creating breathtaking designs.


Tajima Librarian by Pulse

Does your business need a design management solution? Imagine yourself in this scenario: An important customer is on the phone. They urgently need to re-order a design that was last done 18 months ago. Can you find the design at a moment's notice and email it to the customer for confirmation right away? With Librarian, you don't need to look through hundreds of folders, disks or books to find the right version of the design. It is available in a few seconds, so you can answer design queries while on the phone!

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