Neopigment Ink

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Neopigment Ink

Kornit Digital’s innovative and unique chemical solution makes it a leader in the digital textile industry. Based on years of industry experience, our NeoPigment Inks are created in-house specifically for our industrially designed Kornit printers. With just one ink set, you can print on the widest variety of fabric substrates and experience excellent results every time.


Our family of V223 and V323 DTG inks were developed internally by our experienced team of chemistry professionals. From development, through to the bottling and shipping, everything happens in our very own ink plant using state-of-the-art technology:


  • - We control and monitor the pigment milling

  • - We mix the ingredients

  • - We handle the filtration process

  • - We bottle and package all our inks and consumables


This way we are sure that every milliliter of ink upholds and then surpasses the most severe industry quality protocols.



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